Brownfields Reclamation and Redevelopment

Leading the way in disrupting real estate financing using data-driven predictive analytics and AI while remediating and redeveloping environmentally damaged properties

Applying Financial Innovation to Environmental Remediation

Cleanfield Capital uses data-driven predictive analytics and AI to improve the quality of outcomes in the Real Estate sector, with a view towards increased risk-adjusted financial returns and long-term sustainability. Our immediate goal is to redevelop brownfields, increasing the real estate supply while leaving green spaces untouched.

Our Team

Stephen Cecchetti


Financial Markets and Risk Analysis

Dr. Cecchetti’s expertise is in the management of multi-billion dollar portfolios and financial regulation.


Debarshi Nandy


Financial Innovation and Analytics

Dr. Nandy’s expertise lies in big data and data analytics.

Kate Salop



Ms. Salop has almost 20 years in senior level non-profit management, ensuring that institutional resources are aligned to achieve organizational goals.

David Hampton

Data Science, Analytics and AI

Mr. Hampton is a Ph.D. student in the neuroscience program at Brandeis University. His expertise is in data sceince, analytics and AI.